Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sandwich making hint

In my opinion, there is nothing worse that soggy sandwich bread. I don't know how people can eat one of those Arby's sandwiches that you dip into the broth. My husband likes them, but not me. When I make a sandwich to take to work for lunch, I usually don't add tomatoes because they are the worse at making bread soggy. Sometimes, I don't add any dressing for the same reason, but then the sandwiches are too dry.

My solution is to spread a thin layer of butter or margarine on each piece of the bread or bun. This acts as a barrier to any liquid from the tomato, lettuce, or dressing. It works great. I took a turkey sub to work today for lunch and did just that. I had a nice dry, but fresh bun and a very enjoyable lunch.



Molly Daniels said...

I'm one who can't stand salad or liquid on my sandwiches. Only Miracle Whip or mustard on mine. If I want lettuce or ranch dressing, I'll eat a salad. And dipping my Arby's Roast Beef into the au ju? No thank you, unless it's NOT on a bun:) If I'm eating it with a knife and fork, then bring it on!

Vonnie said...

I make sure something like sandwich meat, sliced cheese or lettuce acts as a barrier between anything liquid and the bread. Another option is to just take your liquid toppings separately.