Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Decorations

This is a busy weekend for me, so today I am cheating on here a little. I am going to refer all of you to another site that I found for Thanksgiving Decorations. If you put a little thought into your decorating ideas, it can be pretty inexpensive and easy to decoration for the holidays. For instance, I have a clear glass pumpkin shaped bowl with a lid. At Halloween, I take it to work and crumple up an orange sheet of paper (sometimes it takes 2 sheets) and put it inside. Viola, I have an orange pumpkin decorating my office. I can do the same thing at home for Thanksgiving. My favorite decoration is a ceramic turkey candy dish that I bought at a craft fair years ago. The top half of the turkey lifts off to get to the candy.

Now, for the referral to the other web site. I don't know the person who has this site, but it has pictures of the neatest Thanksgiving decorations on it. I have copied my favorite below. The site is DigsDigs. It's their "60 Cool Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas page.

I think the bowl above is just the coolest idea I've seen in a long time. If you already have some sort of clear glass bowl like this, you halfway there and small pumpkins and gourds are so inexpensive. I think I am going to get some today while I am out. Which reminds me, I am already running late to go buy a new tire for my car.

Okay, so it's not flat yet, but if I don't get a new one today, it will look like the one above real soon.

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