Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Belated Pi Day

No, I didn't misspell it. I meant Pi, as in mathematics. Pi Day is March 14, 3-14 just like Pi is 3.14. When my daughter was in high school, her algebra class celebrated Pi Day by having everyone bring in a pie. I can only imagine all the pies in school that day. When she came home, she told me about a pie that one of her classmates brought in and how good it was. The girl was diabetic and had brought in a sugar-free Banana Cream Pie. I asked my daughter to ask her for the recipe, but you know how teenagers can be. That's right, I never got the recipe. After a little experimenting, it was actually rather easy to make a good sugar-free banana cream pie and I have included the recipe below.

Sugar-free Banana Cream Pie

1 reduced fat graham cracker crust
1 box instant sugar-free Banana flavored Jello pudding
bananas, sliced
Fat free Cool Whip topping

Place sliced banana on the bottom of the crust. Prepare pudding according to directions on box and pour over bananas. Let pudding set for a few minutes. Spread Cool Whip on top of pudding. Refrigerate for a couple hours to let it set.

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