Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pork Chops and Tuna Casserole

Tonight, I announced to my husband that we were having baked pork chops, baked potatoes, and butter beans for supper. He then tells me, he is a little tired of pork chops. WHAT! How could he be tired of pork chops? I only fix them once a week, along with everything else that we fix once a week. Yes, he does a lot of the cooking, too.

Okay, in his defense, he already fixed pork chops earlier this week, but this was an emergency. My mom called me today and said she had thawed a tray of pork chops, but couldn't fix them because my brother decided not stop stop by her house for lunch. She always fixes us a great lunch on the weekends. I wasn't going to stop by because I wasn't feeling well today. She couldn't fix them tomorrow because she already planned on making vegetable soup. She couldn't refreeze them, so to not let them go to waste, I told her I'd take them. My husband said to go ahead and fix them anyway and he would figure something else out to eat. Which actually works out well, I can have one for supper tonight and another for lunch tomorrow, but I have a feeling the other three may be dog food by the end of the day.

Now on to the Tuna Casserole. My husband told me the other night that he'd like to have a tuna casserole. I am used to cold tuna on my lettuce salad or mixed with mayo for a sandwichv. The thought of eating hot tuna really doesn't appeal to me, but I'm willing to try. So, today I am asking for my readers' help. Do you have a really good tuna casserole recipe that your family loves? If so, could I please have the recipe to try? You can put in the comments sections for everyone to see, or you can email it to me at


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