Sunday, December 14, 2008

Candy and Cookie making

I will be making Christmas candy and cookies this weekend and also next weekend. I'm trying a new cookie recipe and if it comes out good, I'll post the recipe later. I know so many of you do as I and make candy and cookies for Christmas, so I thought I would pass on a little tip for you to use when you are measuring out sticky substances in your measuring cups.

Before measuring out the sticky substance, fill your measuring cup with hot water. Pour it out, but don't dry it. Immediately add your ingredient, such as peanut butter. Once it's measured, watch how easily it comes out of your cup.

It's another windy day in Indiana, the windiest since Tropical Storm Ike came through in September. Technically, it was a Tropical Storm since it was in Indiana, but can't tell me we didn't have hurricane winds. Wish me luck in getting my treats finished before we lose power. I wasn't so lucky last time.


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