Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tea and Cookies

I was reading the newspaper this week and noticed an article announcing that a ladies' group at a local church was holding a Christmas Tea. I visioned in my head a group of ladies sitting at a table with an antique lace tablecloth, a fire burning in the fireplace, plates of cookies at each setting, and steam rising from each tea cup that sits in it's own matching saucer.

Doesn't that sound inviting? It could happen and you could host it. Have you ever hosted a Cookie Swap? It's very simple, you invite your friends over and tell them to bring a batch of their favorite homemade cookies.

Food is served, but not the cookies, unless you plan ahead and made extras. Food can be anything from snacks to a full buffet meal. After everyone has eaten, you gather your guests around the table full of the cookies they've brought. Don't forget to tell them to bring an empty container for the news cookies they'll be taking home.

Each person tells something about the cookies they've brought, maybe even sharing the recipe. After that, everyone takes a turn going around the table and taking about three cookies from each batch until all the cookies are gone. Everyone should take home about the same amount they brought. It's a fun afternoon for all that attend. There's really no set rules on how to do a Cookie Swap, so be creative. Oh, and don't forget to tell everyone to bring several bags of their favorite tea to sample, too.

I haven't started my cookie or candy making yet. I have that planned for the weekend of Dec 20. This year is going to be a Chocolate Christmas for me. All the candy and cookies I make this year will be chocolate. But, I'm still trying to find a good chocolate cookie recipe to make this year.

I'm going to enjoy a cup of tea,

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Molly Daniels said...

I used to start making cookies two weeks before Christmas. But they disappear so fast, I've learned to make many all month long.