Sunday, March 29, 2009

Temporarily Absent

I had every intention on posting a recipe today, but I couldn't get to it. Mainly, it was the NCAA tournament that got in the way. I'm a sports fanatic and even though none of my favorite teams are still in the show, I can't miss these last few games.

I went so far today as to go through my recipes to pick out one to write about and post. I'll do my best to get it posted some time this week.

I've been interviewed twice since publishing my cookbook, Masters & Disasters of Cooking and have spoke to a lot of people about it. Once question that always comes up is if I am going to write a sequel. Generally, I say no. It would be hard to come up with enough of my disasters to put them in another book. Not that I don't mess up some of my cooking and baking recipes, but my last book covered a span from high school until now. However, if you read my previous two entries, you know that I recently caught my stove on fire and nearly ruined the meatloaf I was baking. That would be a good story for another book.

Then, this week I wanted to make a peach cobbler. I have the easiest of recipes for that, but couldn't find it. It was not in my card file where it should have been. (Still haven't found it either.) I knew there was a similar recipe in one of those community cookbooks that organizations do for fund-raisers. I found that recipe and baked the cobbler.

When I took it out of the oven, it didn't look like my usually golden brown peach cobbler. It's didn't taste as good either. I checked the recipe and found that it called for self-rising flour. I never have self-rising flour at home. Had I noticed that before, I could have added some baking powder, but nooooo I didn't read the recipe that close.

If anyone asks, my excuse is that I wasn't wearing my glasses. I made the cobbler on Thursday night and it went into the trash today. Another disaster. I guess I should start a new file, because if this keeps up I'll have enough stories for a sequel and I won't be happy about it either.

Well, I have wasted enough time on here and am missing the basketball game that is on now.


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I can share some of mine, LOL:)