Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Vegetable Sandwich

I posted earlier about how I like to keep the kitchen as cool as possible during the summer and that I would post some salad and sandwich recipes that need either no, or very little, cooking. This recipe combines both the salad and sandwich together.

There a neat little restaurant that I used to go to when I attended a business meetings in Scottsburg, Indiana. I no longer have meetings in that town, so my visits to the restaurant are few and far between now. The restaurant is called Jeeves and Company. Even if you don't eat there, they have a gift shop that sells sweets that are to die for. I could never resist their fantastic large chocolate and peanut butter cups to take with me after lunch.

My favorite sandwich to order there, and I think just about the only thing I've ever gotten there is the Vegetarian Sandwich. Served with fresh fruit, and on hot days, it's the perfect thing to have to fill you up and cool you off at the same time. Order a carafe of Earl Grey Tea on ice and you can't beat it.

I don't know the exact recipe for their Vegetarian Sandwich, so I can only list what they put on it. Oh, and the photo above is not a photo of the actual sandwich, but it's pretty close.


Jeeves & Company's Vegetarian Sandwich

Swiss cheese
sliced tomatoes
green bell pepper rings
carrots, shredded
sweet & savory mustard

Serve on a large Croissant, with fresh fruit on the side.


Molly Daniels said...

Hubby loves a slice of tomato and an onion slice between two slices of buttered bread.

Not much of a sandwich veggie eater; don't like salad on my sandwiches. To each his own!

Trying your Chix and dumplings tonight!

Anonymous said...

Chix and dumplings was a hit! Thank you...they want it again in a few weeks:)