Friday, July 29, 2011

Hospital Food

I've spent the last two days sitting with a friend in the hospital. It didn't take more than my first trip to their cafe to find out that hospital food still isn't good.

It was about 11:00 am when my stomach informed me that it needed to be fed. I was the second to make the voyage to the basement where the cafe was located. I refer to it as cafe because that's what they called it at the hospital. I would have thought at 11:00, there would have been a good selection of food available. After all, I had just looked at a card that told that they had opened at 8 am.

I was wrong. The only thing available were cold sandwiches and cups of fruit. I should have chosen the fruit, but picked up a cold ham and cheese on wheat instead. It had no taste. I also got a cup of coffee, which was terrible, too.

The next day, I waited until lunch time and found three choices of food: pizza, chicken or fish, and hot sandwiches. Guess which line was the longest? Yep, the pizza line. I was in a hurry and decided to get a white meat chicken patty. Well, what I thought was chicken turned out to be fish and what I thought was fish was chicken. The chicken was tender enough, but had no flavor what so ever. With the chicken, I had new potatoes and corn, both of which were good. Before taking my lunch back to the room to eat with my friend, I looked for some salt. LOL, yeah right. There was no salt anywhere to be found.

After my visits to the hospital, I have decided that eating healthy my be good for you, but the flavor has much to be desired.



Marian Allen said...

They don't want you to enjoy your stay too much. heh! You know, for a couple of bucks, you can get a tray in your friend's room. If, that is, this Nameless Hospital you're talking about is HCH. Pretty good, sometimes, too.

Marian Allen
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Carol Preflatish said...

Actually, her lunch was a steakburger and fries and looked pretty good. But, they wouldn't give her salt for her fries. No, it wasn't HCH.

Sara Thompson said...

Sometimes I miss Indiana when I hear about the fun writing things you do there but I have to say hospital food is amazing in Washington. My son actually asks to go to the hospital for lunch. They have great dishes that have lots of flavor - like pesto chicken.

Carol Preflatish said...

A couple years ago when I was actually in the hospital, a different hospital than the one I wrote about, the food was fantastic. Too bad my friend wasn't in that hospital.