Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Have I been missing? I discovered last night that I haven't posted on here since June. OMG, what a surprise! I had no idea. My excuses are many.

1. It could be the heat way. It's so hot to sit and type on my laptop right now.

2. Could be the writing I've been doing on a book, but I abandoned that around the second week of July (see previous excuse).

3. I've been doing some traveling, but that was only one weekend.

4. My daughter is home from Mississippi visiting.

5. I went to a writers' convention, but that was last weekend.

6. My mom had a medical procedure done and that took five days off from work.

I guess that just about covers the month, but it's not over yet. The heat is still on and I still have a book to write. I'll be traveling again today and no computer access tonight, but will try and work up a recipe to post as soon as I can.


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