Sunday, December 26, 2010

Julie & Julia

My husband gave me the DVD of "Julie & Julia" for Christmas and I watched it today. It wasn't a bad movie, but probably not one that just anyone would like. I have always been a fan of Julia Child and still watch reruns of her cooking show when PBS has them on. Between being a fan and loving to cook, I figured this would be my kind of movie.

I wasn't aware that besides chronicling Julia Child's life, it also told the true story of Julie Powell, who in 365 days prepared every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. While doing this, she wrote on her blog each day about her cooking experiences. Due to the blog, she earned notoriety and became a published author.

I felt a connection with Ms. Powell since I have a food blog. Wow, don't I wish I could have her success with this blog? I also think that Meryl Streep did a pretty good job portraying Julia Child. She known for her ability to do different accents and she hit Julia's perfect. The movie also told the story of Julia's love for her husband. I had always heard that she and her husband had a very deep love for each other and it came through in this movie.

I think my husband did a pretty good job getting this movie for me. I'll have to cook him a special dinner to thank him, maybe even something from Julia Child's cookbook.


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