Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Recommendation

I would like to recommend a Blog for anyone who loves recipes to check out. I read it daily and my friend, Marian Allen has the best recipes on it. Today, she posted a Three-Minute Chocolate Pie. My mouth watered at the thought of Chocolate Pie. THEN, I remembered I started my new diet today. So, I think the closest I'm going to get is Jello's Sugar Free - Fat Free Chocolate Pudding made with Fat-Free Milk. Yum.

Anyway, please check out Marian Allen Weblahg.



Marian Allen said...

Thanks, Carol! I subscribe to your blog, and read every post. I love your MASTERS AND DISASTERS book, too, for the stories as much as for the recipes. You ought to have a syndicated column, lady!

Carol said...

You read my mind. I'd love to have a syndicated column, but I think this is probably as good as it gets, for now anyway. Thanks.