Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fried Potatoes

I just today realized that I have not posted an actual recipe for almost a month. I apologize for that. Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe today either, but promise to try and get one up sometime tomorrow. I have a great one for Shrimp Boil that we fixed a few years ago for Easter.

Today, I wanted to post a short-cut to fixing Fried Potatoes, which I will be using tonight for supper. I'm frying some slices of ham and the Fried Potatoes will go perfect with them. You know how long we have to stand over the skillet frying potatoes and watching them so they won't burn, but still having to make sure they're done? A few years ago, I cut the frying time almost in half. I told my mom about my method last week and she tried it and said she will never go back to frying them the old way again. It's very simple, peel and slice your potatoes as usual, placing them on a microwave-safe platter. All you do then is microwave them for about 4 minutes. When you remove them, they're steaming hot and almost completely cooked. Slide them off into a skillet and finish frying them until they are golden and crisp. Oh, and don't forget to add the onions. I love onions in my Fried Potatoes.

Check back tomorrow for my Shrimp Boil recipe.


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