Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Southern Sweet Tea

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It was a long holiday weekend and we had dinner guests on Sunday night. I had two slow cookers running, one with a pork loin in it and the other with my Chicken and Dumplings recipe. The pork loin cooked on high for about 6 hours and then I pulled the meat apart and added one bottle of my favorite BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's Honey. I actually think it needed more sauce, but I did set a second bottle on the counter for anyone to add more to their sandwiches. After having a house full of guests Sunday evening, I spent Monday relaxing on the couch.

Today, I wanted to share a beverage recipe. After I finish my coffee in the morning, you can usually find me with a glass of iced tea. No matter whether it is winter or summer, I enjoy a glass of tea over a soda anytime. I've always heard that Southern Sweet Tea is just the best. I wondered what they did in the south to make it so much better, so I looked it up. Every recipe I found was pretty much the same way as I make iced tea. Who would have thought that I actually make Southern Sweet Tea and didn't even know it.

Southern Sweet Tea

3 Family size tea bags
2 C. cold water
1 C. sugar

Place the two cups water in a pot and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, add tea bags, and let steep for about five minutes. Pour warm tea into empty pitcher. Add the sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Fill remaining pitcher with cold water.


Molly Daniels said...

I just pour water into my Iced Tea maker, insert filter and one Family-sized Tea Bag (Luzianne), close the lid, snug up the tea pitcher to the opening, and press the button:) A few minutes later, add water and transfer to other pitcher. Since we go through a gallon a day, I buy Sweet-n-Low, since not everyone in the house likes it as sweet as I do:)

Thanks Carol...you just saved the kids from hot dogs and mac-n-cheese tonight...I'll make your chicken and dumplings!

Carol said...

Me, too. I love my tea maker, but when I need to make a big pitcher of tea, I used this method.